Thursday, September 9, 2010
Some (who know the medical school/residency match process, and know that it is in full swing this time of year) may think that a blog titled "matching" might be about that.  Well, this one is not.

It's about kitchen utensils.  And how much I love them.

Now, these aren't just any kitchen utensils.  These MATCH!  And are all awesome in their own individual way.  And will someday look sweet in my big stainless steel appliance filled lots of cabinet space cool back splash accented kitchenaid mixer containing kitchen.  For now, they look good in the kitchen I have. 

Why do I love these utensils so much?  And why does it matter that they match? 

Well, I love that they are all lime green... because lime green is a cool color.  And they match because I happened to get the garlic press, and then find things that were also lime green, which I just thought was cool.  I would have bought the garlic press no matter what color it was, because it's the best garlic press ever.  It just happened to be lime green, and gave me permission to buy other things in the same bold color.  And I like bold.

Anyway, here are the utensils, that match, and make me happy... because I like gadgets, because they are for my kitchen, because they are nifty, and because they are lime green.

Okay, so here's the breakdown (from left to right).

1.  Ring vegetable peeler.  This is makes me happy for so many reasons.  You don't have to hold it.  It just slips on your finger, rests in your palm, and you peel veggies by stroking them like a cat.  Although I would recommend against using this on an actual cat.  They would definitely not appreciate that. 

2.  Basting brush.  Did you know there is a difference between a basting brush and a BBQ brush?  I didn't.  I just knew that when I made peach pie the other day, I used a paper towel to brush egg across the top, and that is just not okay.  So I bought a brush, a silicone brush with a removable dishwasher safe head, from the Le Creuset factory store (which I may have to revisit soon.....). 

3.  Spatula.  There is nothing special about this spatula, except it was also on sale (umm, plus 50% off the sale price...), and was lime green, and matched my new basting brush...  And who doesn't need another spatula? 

4.  Garlic press.  Okay, seriously, this is the coolest garlic press ever.  It's big, spring loaded, and kind of like a jack for your car... little effort, lots of force.  Garlic doesn't stand a chance!  And it's lime green.  To match everything else.  Well, actually, everything else matches it... but that's beside the point.

I seem to be on a food theme for Things That Make Me Happy.  The next one will be non-food related.  Promise.

What's your favorite kitchen utensil? 

Be happy,


Megan said...

My fav is the spatula. Just because it's fun to say "spat-u-la".

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