Sunday, September 12, 2010
Not the facebook kind... the life kind.

If you look WAY back to my post in May titled "Playing Catch-Up", you'll find the list of rotations that make up my 4th year.  Seeing that I just finished a rotation on Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at where I am in the schedule.  So, here's the list of what I'm supposed to do this year (and how much I've already done...)

April-May : Peds ICU

May-June : Step 2 study block
June : Vacation in Michigan
June-July : Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
July-August : Emergency Medicine
August-September : Orthopedics (Trauma/Ankle)
September-October : Family Medicine
October-November : Burn Surgery
November-December : Campus Medicine @ WFU
December-January : Vacation/Interviews
January-February : Law in Medicine
February-March : Sports Medicine
March : MATCH DAY!!!
March-April : Community Medicine
April-May : Senior Seminar

You may be confused as to why I crossed out Family Medicine, not Orthopedics.  Well, when I scheduled my ankle surgery, it would have been the first week of my orthopedics rotation.  We decided that only having one leg, and trying to scrub into surgery and then hop into the OR would probably result in me stumbling face first into some open sterile field.  So I flip-flopped Family and orthopedics.  I just finished family medicine, and have orthopedics starting tomorrow... a much better choice.  So, 5 rotations down, 7 to go! 

And, I have my first interview scheduled!  Crazy.

And, I bought two new suits!  On super-sale!  I always find sales when I shop with my mom... not sure why, but it seems to be a pretty reliable fact of the universe.

In other news, this has been a weekend full of sports for me.  Not so much playing as watching/covering as part of the medical team.  Friday night, I went to one of the local high school football games, yesterday I went to a volleyball tournament, then the Wake Forest football game (in the stands, not on the field... sad, I know), and then today I'm headed to a men's rugby tournament... always a wealth of injuries.  If only I could be playing any of those.....

It's Sunday morning, so I'm drinking coffee and watching Meet the Press!  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



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