Wednesday, September 29, 2010
First, let me apologize for my tardiness.  I really have no excuse.  I suppose we'll call it a mix of creative roadblock, preoccupation, and tiredness.  Lucky for you, I'm back.  Just in time to talk about bad drivers.

I would be willing to bet that if someone performed a good solid scientific study on the number of bad drivers, Winston-Salem would have a HUGELY higher number (of course, statistically significant) than Lancaster does.  We could use any number of things to determine a driver is bad.  Running through "yellow" lights that are actually red.  Continuing through a turning arrow LONG after it has turned red, forcing the oncoming traffic to wait.  Driving down the wrong side of a divided road.  Stopping in the middle of intersections.  Driving the wrong way in parking lots with slanted parking spots.  Not looking before pulling out of a parking space.  Parking on the line/over the line.  Driving slow in the left lane of the highway.  Braking quickly in the middle of the road.  Switching lanes without a turn signal. 

Need I go on?

Seriously, I think that people around here suck at driving.  And it makes me angry.  Really, really angry.  Not many things make me angry.  But bad driving is one of them, because, seriously, it's NOT that hard.  It's not complicated.  There are very few things you need to do.  I think the problem is that driving requires paying attention.  And we're not very good at paying attention to one thing.  Because we think we're super-important, and need to do everything at once.  While driving.  Because really, we're all really really important!  And shouldn't HAVE to pay attention to the road.  Or use common sense.  Or be courteous. 

See, it makes me angry!

Unless, the person driving is old.  I have NO capacity to be angry at old people.  I just assume that their cuteness means they can do no wrong.  And if I get angry at a driver for doing something RIDICULOUS, but then see that they are old, I forgive them.  I just can't be mad.  I've tried.  But I can't.

Everyone else, stop being stupid, pay attention, and drive your car.  Through green lights only.




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