Sunday, October 3, 2010
... Sort of.

So this was the general plan for the weekend:  Wake up Saturday, drive to Whitetop, VA with my cycling friend, Chris, and his wife Erin.  Set up camp, unpack, then drive to the start of the VA Creeper trail.  Ride.  Ride some more.  Maybe stop for lunch.  Finish riding.  Go back to camp, eat some tasty dinner, shower, do camping-like stuff.  Wake up Sunday, eat breakfast, pack up camp, do a little hiking, drive home.  And that's pretty much how it went... except I spent a LOT of time distracted, and not taking pictures.  Sorry.  Here are the ones I did take!

Chris, status-post somersault over handle bars.  He successfully tried to be friendly and greet a couple on the trail, looked up, hit a rock, and gave the poor woman a heart attack by flipping over his bike and slamming into the ground.  But he's okay!  This is our halfway/turn around point, 25 miles into the ride.

This is a cool hotdog stand we found on the side of the road.  I think it was out of business... they left everything inside though!  It was very strange...  But made for a good picture.  Those are our bikes, PS.   This was about 10 miles from home... ish.  I should have downed a Gu at this point... but I didn't.  And I paid dearly for like 45 minutes.  The last 10 miles were painful.  And uphill.  But I survived.

This is the attempted setup so we could set the timer and get a picture of both of us... it failed.  But we gave it the good ole' college try.

Post-ride, I found this flower stuck in my spokes.  I thought it was cute.

Start of our hike.  Chris, Erin, and Cash's head.

Chris was repacking his bag.  Apparently somersaulting onto the bladder of his hydration pack caused a little leaking... Being soaking wet on a 45 degree hike is not cool.

This is for you, Dan.  We did a little Appalachian Trail hiking!  No views... except for of clouds.  But it was still fun!

Pony gate, and clouds.  It's so the ponies don't escape through the gate, but people do. 

Here is a white caterpillar. 

Cash frolicking on some rocks.  He had a good time running around crazy.

A man and his dog.  On a rock.  In a cloud.

Cash, and his new best friend Bubba.  They looked alike. 

Hey, look!  A Pony!  Wanna be my friend?

Hi pony!  Lets be friends.  You look nice.

There's nothing in there!  The other one wants to be friends too...

Just call me The Pony Whisperer....

Give me back my pants!  I started calling that pony Goat.

Why's the pony so nice to Chris?!?!

Cash did not like the ponies.  Apparently he used to play with them, and then he got kicked in the head.  At least he learned!
So, there's my weekend!  50 miles on a cyclocross bike (pretty epic), 8ish miles hiking, delish camp food, quality time with friends and mountains, leaves changing colors, fall weather, and Aunt Bea's for lunch on the way home!  Oh, and a farmers market.  Which is always a good addition to a weekend. 

Look for a gear post soon... I got to try out some new stuff this weekend!  And it was all successful.  Phew.

Adios for now!


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