Sunday, October 17, 2010
With fall a'commin (I know I've been talking about fall for, like, a month, but these 80 degree days keep popping up and resetting my clock...), I was in need of some new outdoorsy pants with a touch of insulation.  I have a great pair of Patagonia lightweight pants that work well for the summer, and for fall hiking, but when I'm going to be doing some camping/sitting around in the fall, lightweight just doesn't cut it!  I found these Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear, Nike's outdoor line) pants at Dick's Sporting Goods while shoe shopping with my dad, and used some of his hard earned reward points (thanks, dad!) to get a few bucks off and bring them into a medical student budget. 

What I was looking for was something comfortable, warm, and durable that fit well, seemed well made, was easy to move in (read: jump over rocks/run from grizzly bears/climb mountains and cliffs).  I got them in khaki because I have shirts in all sorts of bright random colors, and I definitely didn't want the pants to limit which awesome shirt I could wear!

They were tested the other weekend for the first time when Chris and I rode the VA Creeper Trail, and then went hiking in some cloudy/sleety conditions.  I'm pleased to say they performed quite well.  They survived the cold temps of  evening (sitting by the campfire... err, stove), they sleet of hiking, and the vicious pony attacks. 

See how stretchy they are?  My only complaint is that they were a bit long and soaked up the rain water about halfway up my calf.  Although (as you can see from the picture), I was wearing my Keen sandals, which don't have a whole lot of elevation.  So with regular hiking shoes, they may be alright.

I liked them enough to go buy another pair (in charcoal).

I'm holing to test that pair next weekend... perhaps at a waterfall from my yet to be used book of waterfalls in NC?  Perhaps...

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