Sunday, October 17, 2010
It's not as far away as Japan, the center of the Earth, or Jupiter.  But I don't have any best friends who decided to spend a year on Jupiter, so it doesn't really matter how far away it is!  I do, however, have a friend who decided to live in London for a year, and I barely got to see her!  But now, she's home.  For good.  And this weekend, she came to visit.

So, we had to make up for LOTS of lost time.  We started with an ice cream cake.

You can't read the writing, but it says, "We're Awesome".  Trust me.  I don't know why people always insist that you get something written on a cake!  But they always seem to, so this is now our default.  It started with this cake, from a cruise we took a couple years ago.

And I believe two cakes make a tradition... so now we've gotta do it.  Rough life.

So, after our ice cream cake eating, we made plans for the weekend... more than we had time for :( 

I introduced Courtney to the wonderful world of bike racing (ie, our Cyclocross race!), but only after introducing her to the wonderful world of warm Krispy Kremes.  She said the donuts were fabulous and the cyclists were all crazy.  I agreed.  We sat in waiting to save lives.  Luckily none needed it. 

Then, we made lunch.  It was healthy, to prove we can balance out the cake and donuts.
Roasted veggies a la farmers market.  Yum.  Then we headed to Lexington to spend the evening with some friends, and came home and went to bed early like a couple old people.  We're okay with that.

This morning we did what all the cool kids do at 9AM on a Sunday morning.  We watched Meet the Press, drank coffee, and carved pumpkins.  We checked them out in the bathroom with the lights out to see if they looked good.

They turned out pretty awesome.  Between the two of us, we have about 15 years of higher education... but if that doesn't pan out, we are planning to fall back on a career in pumpkin carving.

After pumpkins (and pumpkin seed toasting/roasting), we headed out for more friend visiting, and some errands/walking.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I live far to close to the places we needed to go to not walk.  So we did.  It was perfection.  Then we came home and made dinner. 

Venison tenderloin w/ red potatoes in my brand spankin' new Le Creuset pot.  It was a perfect way to break it in!  Dinner turned out delicious (the pic above is clearly BEFORE cooking, FYI).  We also polished off a bottle of wine we opened Friday with our cake. 

Then, we lit our pumpkins because it was dark outside, and sat looking at them proudly.  Until the candles burned out.  Aren't they festive?

Now, I'm alone again because Courtney had to go home :(  At least I still have the "We're Awesome" cake.

Ahhh, good times. 

She's not allowed to go back to London.  Unless I go too. 


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