Thursday, October 21, 2010
Last summer, I was getting ready for a trip to the US/Mexico border that would involve "camping" like living arrangements, and I realized that I basically had NOTHING of my own at my apartment that resembled camping equipment.  I'd always had access to stuff at home, but most of it didn't make it south with me.  So I set out to collect the things I would need for the trip (a tent, a sleeping bag, other odds and ends), and realized that I needed some light.  A head lamp to be precise.  I have a few flashlights, but when I'm camping I always prefer a head lamp because it's hands free! 

When I worked at Eastern Mountain Sports through high school and college, I would demo the head lamps for people interested in buying one.  We'd check out the brightness, different settings, comfort, weight, etc, etc, etc.   The things I was looking for in my new headlamp were comfort, brightness but multiple settings(didn't want to go blind just reading a book in my tent...), light weight, single head strap (vs one around and one over the top), and easy battery replacement. 

One of my favorites when I worked at EMS, and the one I decided to get this time around, was the Tikka Plus.  It's a 4 bulb LED headlamp with an adjustable angle to you can point it towards the ground and not have to look down to light up the path in front of you.  It's got three brightness settings and one flashing setting (in case you get lost in the woods or stuck on the side of a cliff, and need to attract the attention of a rescue helicopter...).  And unlike when it first came out (while I was still working at EMS), it not comes in MANY color options!  This is the one I got...

It worked great in the middle of the Arizona desert!  The low setting was enough light to read with, but not blinding.  The high setting was plenty to light up the path in the middle of the night, but I didn't feel like I was walking around with a headlight on my face.  If you WANT something that lights up the whole world, I would recommend something a little heavier (like something in the Petzl Myo line).  But this works great for around the campsite, on a trail sort of lighting!

Seriously, if you've never had a headlamp and always fumbled with a flashlight, invest!  You'll love it.  I promise.

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