Thursday, October 21, 2010
Fact: There was always 409 under the kitchen sink (or above the washer) at home growing up.
Fact:  I rarely used it, and only when forced.
Fact:   The bottle was much more boring than the 409 bottles now....

(PS, I'm having serious picture flipping problems.  Just tilt your head.)

If the bottle had had red swirlies back in the day, maybe I would have used it! 

Maybe I should explain to you why I am so excited about a cleaning product.  The other night, I made chili with some ground venison my grandpa sent me home with from Michigan!  It was DELICIOUS!  But that's beside the point... the point is that I started to get a migraine in the middle of the cooking process (it was just sitting there, bubbling).  And so when it was done I scooped some up, but was having the normal crazy vision loss issues I get with migraines, and had NO interest in trying to clean anything up.  So I put the ladle and a spoon on the counter, and went to bed (at 6:45).  The next morning, when I woke up, there was lots of dried chili all over the counter.  Uh-oh.  And THEN, I pulled out the 409 (in the cool bottle), which I got because my mom was in town and appalled (rightfully so!) that I didn't have any.  And I sprayed it on the dried up chili (and the rest of my kitchen surfaces), came back 5 minutes later, and PRESTO!, clean counters.  That smelled good.  It was like magic.

And I LOVE clean counters.  It makes me want to cook. 

Cleaning makes me happy.  Sad to say.  But it's true.  I like cleaning. 

And I like 409 to do it.  In the fancy, shiny, red swirly bottle.

Mom, you'll be so proud! 


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