Wednesday, September 22, 2010
It's been a while since I added to the list of Things That Make Me Happy!  So tonight, I will talk about candles.  Specifically, candles that smell good.  Smell is one of those things that is strongly connected with memories (good, bad, ugly), and I LOVE to find things that smell like some old distant good memory!  When I make home made chex mix, it reminds me of the holidays.  And when I smelled this candle in the store today...
I thought of apple cider, taking long walks a night during the fall in college, and jumping into leaf piles in the front yard after "helping" to rake the mountains of leaves that our giant tulip poplar spontaneously drops all in one night at home in PA (I'm talking like 8 inch blanket of leaves when you wake up in the morning...).  So, I bought it.  It also happened to be on sale for 25% off!

Supposedly, this will burn for lots and lots of hours, filling my apartment with happiness all fall.  And when winter comes, I will buy a new one that smells like Christmas tree farms, chex mix, and cinnamon rolls.  Do you think I can get that all in one candle?  I'll have to see if Willy Wonka ever made that gum in candle form.....

If you could make a candle that smelled like anything, what would it be?

Happy sniffing (in a non-druggie kind of way)!!


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