Monday, September 12, 2011
You may remember me talking about my kitchen cabinets.  My plan to give them a quick coat of paint was upended when I discovered they were not normal cabinets, but old (probably original to my circa 1947 house) metal cabinets that no one had given any attention to since... ever, probably.   I estimate there are 5 coats of paint on the cabinets, some of which are peeling off.  There is grime and rust on the tops of the doors (which I don't think anyone but me has actually ever looked at).  And the shelves have definitely never been washed. 

When I was cleaning out the cabinets (actually, Ian was doing it while I was downstairs scrubbing shelves), I discovered something that confirmed my theory that no one had actually looked in the back of the cabinets in many many years. 

Names of patient and prescriber erased to protect the innocent.

Why yes, that is bottle of 100 percocet from 1987.  I'm glad you asked.

Now, this bottle tells me lots about previous homeowners. 

1.  They were probably not drug dealers.  The bottle was pretty much full.
2.  They apparently weren't in much pain.
3.  They never ever looked in the cabinets.
4.  The owner after them (yes, there was at least one before me) also never cleaned out the cabinets.


So, I'll leave that as the indication of the starting condition of my cabinets and kitchen before I started a little refurbishing.  Hopefully I'll get to show you the final product soon!

On another note, I've been busy painting the guest bedroom all day.  Painting the ceiling really slowed this show down.  I still have a coat and a half to go!  Here's what I started with...

Sad to say, the blue airplane stencil had to go.  Stay tuned for the after pictures.  They're gonna be sweet.  I hope.

Peace out,

PS.  Yes, I tossed all the extra percocet.  After 24 years (FYI, that's just two less than I've been alive), I'm pretty sure it's expired. 


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