Saturday, September 17, 2011
Part of being on a sweet sports medicine/orthopedics rotation is not having any call, having short days, and occasionally having a random half day off.  The other part of being on a sports med rotation is working Friday nights and Saturday mornings.  Which I happen to find relatively enjoyable. 

So, I was at the training room this morning before tailgating (which, PS, was most certainly part of my work day), where we were checking up on a few old injuries.  While we were in there, a former soccer player came in with her kiddo and wondered if we'd take a look at him.  Sure thing, we said.  What was the problem, you wonder?

He stuck an altoid up his nose.

(I'll wait while you pinch your nose, wipe your watering eyes, and imagine how uncomfortable it would be shove an altoid up your nose...)

Yes, an altoid.  Apparently it was a little one, but that's not much comfort...

So I took a look and all I could see was snot and a little stream of dissolving altoid foam.  And lots of redness.  Poor kid.  We couldn't do anything for him...  We tried to teach him to blow his nose, but he wasn't quite grasping the concept.  Although it was pretty adorable to watch him try!

Never a dull moment in the training room...


Anonymous said...

Training for every life skill!

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