Wednesday, September 14, 2011
I thought I'd pop back in and let you know how my painting extravaganza turned out.  It took a TON of paint to cover what is a pretty small bedroom.  As in, more than a gallon.  As in I had to run to Lowes yesterday morning to get more paint.  As in my arms no longer go above my head from reaching to paint the sponge-like ceiling. 

But, it was all worth it in the end, because the guest room no longer looks like a 10 year old boys room... which it was a mere 3 months (minus 2 days) ago.

Here are the before shots again.  I meant to snap one of the spider man light switch plate, but I was too busy taking it down.  Sorry.

Clearly I was already started when I took these pictures.  Because I was painting the ceiling, I had to cover the whole room in plastic.  This proved a challenge when selecting painting footwear.  I tried to go barefoot but the plastic kept sticking to my feet, and I had to walk like I had drop foot.  Then I put on socks and it was like trying to walk on an ice rink.  I ended up in shoes.  Good thing I have a lot of old pairs that can get paint-y. 

The top picture has a couple paint swatch options up, none of which are the one I actually chose. 

When I started painting, I realized that no only were there planes on the walls, but there were also stars all over the ceiling.  I think they'd been painted over with a coat of primer before, but you could definitely still see them. 

Not anymore.

They've been buried.  By Ashen to be precise (of the Olympic Premium No-VOC variety to be even more precise).  A coat of high coverage primer, and two coats of paint later, this is where we are.

So, ignore the fact that there's practically no designing going on here.  Also ignore the fact that there's an air mattress on the floor.  It'll be spruced up in due time.  Here are some of the plans I've got in my head...

Change out the light fixture for a ceiling fan.  I'm moving the fan from the master BR into this room, and hanging a new one in the master.  I'd have done it myself, but the breaker wasn't labeled for either bedroom, and I didn't feel like running up and down from the basement to figure out which one it was.  Also, I didn't want to electrocute myself and die.

Hang some B&W photographs in colorful frames (red, maybe?) and putting some floating shelves up for more decorating schtuff. 

Put a rug in front of the bed.

Get a bed.  That one's on the short list.  I'm going mattress shopping this weekend, so hopefully by next weekend, there will be a real bed in place of the air mattress.  Let the house guests arrive.

That's about it for now.  I'm quite happy with the color choice.  It's nice and neutral, and will make it easy to change things up in there if I so choose.  It also looks really nice with the tones in the wood floors.

The last room left on the short list of things to paint is my bedroom... suggestions?  I'm not tackling that one solo because I have some giant pieces of furniture that need to be moved.  So I'm waiting to the reinforcements to arrive first...

Oh, and in other news, I found my dining room table yesterday.  Very exciting.  More pictures to come soon.  Although tomorrow I go back to work, so the home improvement projects will slow down.  Wop wop.



Anonymous said...

Vast improvement......I really like it! GA

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