Friday, September 9, 2011
Have you ever had these before?  Stacy's Pita Chips of the cinnamon sugar variety.  They are maybe the most delicious snack food ever.  And they are pita chips, so they must be healthy, right?  Ha.

They just happen to carry these little gems in the hospital cafeteria.  Lucky for me, they come in small, portion controlled bags.  Unlucky for me, I can get 17 bags of them if I dang well please.  Now I haven't done that yet, but there were certainly days when I considered it.

Lets start with the pita chip.  It's crunchy, thick in some places, but thin and chip like in others.  It has just a HINT of saltiness.  And then there's the cinnamon sugar.  It's cinnamony and sugary.  Nothing else to say about it.

When you were a kid, did you ever take leftover bits of pie crust, roll them out on a cookie sheet, spread butter on top, and sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar and bake it?  No?  Well you should have.  Because then you would have an idea how delicious cinnamon sugar pita chips are. 

They hit the sweet and salty/crunchy cravings in one package.  They are genius.  You should go buy some. 

And they make me very very happy.


. Espana said...

These are great for anyone who is watching calories or trying to lose weight. I love the fact that I can buy these in bulk for a reasonable price and always have them on hand.

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