Tuesday, September 27, 2011
You should probably have a mattress that fits them.

Let me tell you a little story.  It's a story about a mattress.  And some sheets.  But we'll start with the mattress.  This little mattress was purchased sometime back in the 1980's.  First, my parents slept on it for a while.  Then, it got moved into my bedroom when they got a new one.  This was a big time upgrade, since it was a queen size mattress.  Woot woot! 

Then, when I went to medical school, I took this mattress with me.  Then, when I moved to Indiana for residency, I took it with me again.

This mattress is more traveled than most college graduates.

(Remember, it's life started in the 1980's.  I was born in 1985.  So it's pretty close to my age.  How close?  I've never asked when EXACTLY they got it... I prefer not to think about those things).

So, the mattress settled into life in Indiana.  At the same time as the move, I ordered some nice new sheets from my mom's friend.  Good, high quality, very comfy sheets.  When they arrived, I put them on my mattress and...

Wop wop.

The mattress was so old and thin that the fitted sheet went the whole way around the mattress AND box spring.


So I decided I needed to go mattress shopping.  The old mattress was destined for the guest room, and my bed needed something with a little more fluff.  After doing mucho research (okay, no mucho, but some), I settled on checking out Denver Mattress Company.  They got good ratings from Consumer Report, and there happens to be one right down the street. 

I was looking for something on the affordable side, since eventually I plan to move the new mattress into the guest room, toss the one that's my age, and get myself whatever mattress I dang well please.

There were many good options, and I narrowed it down to the Arapahoe, Breckenridge Memory Foam, and Breckenridge Latex.  When I found out that I could save $100 if I got a mixed box spring and mattress set, the Breckenridge suddenly became much more affordable, and I decided to go with that.  Seriously, who WOULDN'T get the mixed set?  No one looks at the box spring anyway...

Anyway, once I picked the Breckenridge, I had to decide between Memory Foam and Latex.  I asked the sales guy every question I could think of to figure out what the difference was.  Durability?  Firmness?  Thickness?  Hypoallergenic-ness?  Nothing...  And I couldn't tell a lick of difference sitting on them.  I eventually went with the Memory Foam, for no other reason than it sounds more comfortable than Latex. 

Isn't it purdy?

And the best part:  The fitted sheet actually fits on the mattress.  Ahh, the life of luxury.  Wyatt isn't thrilled about it though, because he has to jump a lot further to get on the bed.

The guys at the store warned me that getting used to a new mattress may make you sore for a couple days.  Ha.  I've slept like a rock every night. 

And in the grand mattress circle of life, the old mattress is in my guest room, and my parents will get to enjoy it again when they come visit at thanksgiving. 

And, if you're wondering, buying a mattress, it probably the most adult thing I've ever done.  Ranks above buying a house, owning a stand mixer, and even mowing my own lawn. 

Welcome to adulthood!


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