Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Today marks one month until I start working... and keep working for the rest of my life!  I'm going to try very hard to enjoy it...

I have big plans for my last month of freedom, so I figured I'd put a list up here, and can gleefully cross them off as they happen!

Things Do To Before Starting Residency And Thereby No Longer Having Any Free Time Until I Retire
Wash my car
Get in shape by running and riding more
Go to Italy for family vacation (this will not be gleefully crossed off... more like sadly, and with lots of tears)
Close on my house
Refinish cabinets
Refinish dining room table
Paint kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom
Open new bank accounts
Powerwash and stain deck
Find a grocery store
Unpack all 28 boxes and 8 plastic containers of my stuff (once it gets delivered!)
Activate all my utilities

I'm sure the list is actually much longer, but I'm pretty sure that's already more than I cant actually do in 30 days, so I'm gonna leave it at that!  The month is going to fly by, and then I'll officially start working.  I'm actually excited to start, get comfortable, and fall into a routine.

Also, I'll be working on de-4thyearifying my blog and updating it with new info about the upcoming year, so look out for that!

Peace out,
Dr. Kari

PS.  I won't sign Dr Kari anymore, I promise.  I just thought it would be fun to do it once.  I was right... it was fun.


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