Sunday, June 19, 2011
I've had a busy 5 day hiatus from blog world.  After I told you all about our villa in Italy (which happened at 4am, in case you didn't note the time that last post went up), I spent about 5 hours trying to kill time before starting the process of closing on my first house.  Exciting, huh!?!? 

At 9 on Thursday morning, I ran to the bank to get a cashiers check for the closing costs, and then at 10, I closed on my house!  It went completely smoothly, and I was out of there with keys and garage door opener in hand by 11:30.  I ran back to my hotel to pick up Wyatt, and then stopped by the post office on the way to my house to get money orders for the movers.  Turns out all my stuff got delivered the day I moved in, rather than 3-14 days afterwards, like they said it might be.  I got to my house at about 12:30, and unloaded the car while Wyatt roamed around the house trying to figure out where he was. 

This is the pile of stuff that came out of my car... minus the stuff I'd already put in the kitchen.  I'd say I'm a pretty good car packer.

The movers came in the afternoon, and unloaded everything into the house.  But since I have some projects planned, I'm not going to unpack until each room is finished with the work I want to do!

The last few days have been filled with lots of work and many trips to Lowes.  Things are starting to look like home!  I figured I'd post pictures of the house as it was when I moved in, and then post updates in each room as I finish them!  So here are all the before pictures... sorry for the poor quality.  I snapped them quickly when I first got in, before everything became a total mess. 

This is my house.  The hedges aren't that nicely trimmed right now though....

Dining room

View into the living room from the entry way.

View into the dining room from the entry way.

Living room

Down the back hall into the sun room towards the garage.


Other view of kitchen

Guest bedroom... I think I'll keep the airplanes.

Full bathroom

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom from another angle

Deck, from the sunroom.
So that's the house... most of it anyway.  I'll keep you posted on the updates as they happen!  Right now, I'm focused on getting things to the point where I can unpack and settle in before starting orientation on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a big day... My new washer and dryer AND my internet get hooked up! 



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