Tuesday, June 21, 2011
This morning I made my 17th trip to Lowes (that might be a slight exaggeration, but it's pretty close), to get a pair of hedge trimmers so I could do a little yard work.  I was going to bust out my new mower yesterday... and then it rained.  So I postponed that until today and figured I'd get all the outside stuff done at once.  This is the picture was taken that was posted online when the house was for sale:

Since this picture was taken, things have... grown.  Which would be expected.  The ivy has gotten a little out of control, the bushes grew, the grass grew, and some crazy plants grew up around the tree on the right.  Blech.  This is what it looked like when I went outside this morning.

Things just got a little out of control, and the bushes were keeping light out of my big picture windows.  So I went outside with my hedge trimmers, and my Honda mower. 

Lets talk about the mower for JUST a second.  I debated what kind of mower to get a lot.  Reel mower?  Self propelled?  Riding?  (just kidding about that last part....).  My dad recommended a Honda, which is apparently the best in the business as far as mowing lawns goes.  But alas, they were too pricey for me.  Sad, I know. 

And THEN, my friend Ian (who you will meet in future room improvement posts) said he was selling HIS Honda mower to upgrade to a bigger, better Honda mower.  For an affordable price.  I jumped on it!  My dad was pleased to hear that it was a Honda, and self propelled, and all was right in mowing world.

Anyway, I mowed and I clipped and I raked (well, not really... I picked up the big sticks.  I still need to get a rake).  And now, my yard looks like this!

I got everything trimmed down a bit, although I didn't want to overprune and leave naked plants, so they might get a little shorter in a couple days.  And yes, I do realize it looks pretty much like it did in the first picture, with slightly bigger plants.  Now that I've got the existing stuff in decent shape, I'm ready to add some new things!  I need a little color, some interest on the front porch, to tame a little more ivy, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  Anyone with ideas?  Particularly in perennial color.  I like things that come back all on their own :)

Give me ideas!

Oh, and tell me what you think of the front colors!  I have a few changes in mind but I'd like to know what you think about the 1) purple, 2) windows, 3) door/storm door, 4) anything else you have an opinion about.

Suggest away!


EoE Brewer said...

Looks good, I'm glad to see the mower worked out well.

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