Thursday, June 30, 2011
While the basement is by no means finished, I made some significant progress down there tonight and thought I'd share!  I'm pretty sure none of the rooms are going to be "done" for quite some time, and don't want to wait to show some progress! 

So here we go. 

The basement is definitely the newest part of the house.  The carpet is in good shape, and the walls have a fresh coat of paint on them.  For that reason, I'm not planning on spending any time updating anything down there.  Aside from the office space (which I will post another day), the basement is essentially going to be a training/workout/gear storage area.  Until about 2 hours ago, it was full of boxes, bags, and plastic containers full of random stuff, as well as torn duct tape, disassembled shelves, and a laundry basket full of gear. 

That all got organized, and now it looks like this!

All that stuff (excluding the bikes themselves) used to live in a coat closet... Not a very functional way to organize things!  As my exercise ball was never inflated, which makes it pretty useless. 

This set up will work much better.  Improvements I see coming in the near (or far) future will be the addition of a yoga mat in front of the push up bar/exercise ball, a TV in front of my trainer, my medals hanging on the wall, a collage of race numbers, and various other random things hung on the wall.  I also may throw down a few rubber floor squares and create an area to do maintenance on my bikes without fear of getting grease on the carpet. 

And maybe a treadmill.

And maybe a juice bar with smoothie maker. 

And maybe a personal trainer...

Okay, that might be a little much.

For now, I'm happy to have everything organized and easy to get to!  I'm completely equipped now to go out for a ride, play rugby, soccer, or tennis, go climbing, backpacking, or hiking.  Just in time to start intern year tomorrow and not have the time.

When I'm not working, I guess you can find me in the basement doing crunches on my inflated exercise ball...

Tomorrow I start pediatrics...  hopefully I'll be able to keep the unpacking coming slowly but steadily.  Stay tuned.


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