Thursday, June 30, 2011
It's been a long time since I did gear post, and I thought it was high time I remedy that.  Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite jackets.  First, let's be clear about something.  I have a lot of jackets.  I mean, a LOT.  More than I could possibly need.  I've collected them over the years, mostly through deep discounts and good deals.  So when I talk about this particular jacket and say it's one of my favorites, rest assured that it's being compared to a vast array of other cool and cold weather apparel.

So, on to the EMS Windshear.  This jacket is designed to be a lightweight, windproof, water resistant jacket for activity during cool days.  I've had three of these jackets and have loved each and every one of them.  The first, I lost (I think it was actually stollen, because of it's pure awesomeness, but I have no proof...).  The second one, I temporarily lost, and later rediscovered after replacing it with the THIRD Windshear, which you can see here:

The best uses for the Winshear, in my opinion, are outdoor activities, particularly those in windy locations or on exposed or high trails.  It's definitely not designed for rain, but would do okay in a temporary light sprinkle.  I love this jacket because it provides protection from the elements while keeping you from overheating and without restricting movement at ALL.  Seriously, this thing completely eliminates wind from having any impact on your activity.  I swear it also makes you more aerodynamic.  That's how I feel anyway...

It's lined with a soft thin microfleece lining, has a front chest and two side pockets, all of which have zippers, and has two underarm vents.  My version has velcro adjustable wrist cuffs, but that seems to vary from year to year.  The neck is lined and not scratchy at all, the cut is feminine (read:  narrow shoulders, wide hips), but not so fitted that it's uncomfortable or difficult to move in at all.  I love it.  Other jackets I've had for wind just don't compare.  The Windshear is never stuffy or hot (provided you aren't wearing it in the summer...). 

Unfortunately for you and everyone else in the world, they seem to have stopped making the EMS Windshear (EMS, for those of you who don't know, stands for Eastern Mountain Sports, and is an east coast based outdoor sporting goods store).  They have, however, replaced it with what appears to be the exact same jacket, called the EMS Microburst.  Each year, the style changes a little bit, so the Microburst may be slightly different than my Windshear, but they should be completely comparable.  The Microburst looks like this:
Needless to say, I think it's pretty much the same jacket, with a couple different color options and elastic wrist cuffs.  If you live somewhere where it's ever windy, I recommend you go get this jacket immediately. 

And the wind will disappear.

And you will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Kari if you want to sell your EMS Circa Windshear jacket, I have been trying to replace my beloved Circa for 3 years now. Mine was stolen also, and it had tremendous sentimental value to me. The one I want was made the year before your jacket, in your blog photo.The color was called Starlight blue, and had grey trim.*Your color is what EMS called 'Blithe'). I miss that jacket so much and would give anything to find it again. If you Google 'EMS Circa Windshear Jacket', you will see several of my posts on TrailSpace, looking for it. I almost cried when I saw your Gear review on the Circa.
So, if you have the Circa I'm looking for, and would like to sell it, check those posts and you'll see a picture of my beloved jacket that I'm trying to find.
Post on Craiglist in Indiana, and I'll buy it.
Thanks for hearing me out. Your blog is sweet!

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