Sunday, November 20, 2011
Yesterday started off with a trip to Lowes.  I imagine a lot of the coming days will start with a trip to Lowes...  Anyway, after getting a couple small projects done, we headed towards the Notre Dame stadium with plans to find some tickets to the game vs. Boston College.  We were kind of anticipating a blowout by ND, but it's still fun to go!

We walked up to some shoppes south of campus, and while my dad was in the bookstore, I scouted out the scalpers.  They were buying tickets from people who had extras for like $5, and then trying to sell them for face value (at least $80)...  Not happening. 

Instead we walked through the tailgates, and there was a kid selling extra tickets their family wasn't going to use.  So we got the pair for less 50% of face value.  Yay us.

And then we went to the stadium, got some food, and found our seats.  I got a hamburger with mashed potatoes on it.  It's called a Legends burger, and it was practically invented for me.

The game was much closer than expected.  And there were a couple surprises.  At some point, Jon Bon Jovi came out and was "directing the band" in the stands.  I don't think there was much directing happening, but he was definitely there!

At halftime, the band did normally does a halftime show, but this week they decided it would be cooler to make up a whole new show to songs made famous by Chicago... and they thought it would also be cool to have Chicago there to sing along...

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (side note: what movie do you think of??)

25 or 6 to 4 (the formation is starting to change to its hard to read)

I think that's pretty clear...
 I think the most impressive part was that the band learned a whole new show just for this day. 

And then, during the second half, my dad bought me $5 hot chocolate.  He must love me, because that's a lot for hot chocolate... but it was cold and I didn't bring gloves.  It made me warm.

Day 1 of vacation ended with us walking home, meeting up with someone he knows from work at Corby's (a bar) for a bit, then getting pizza at 11 at night.

Day 1: Success.


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