Sunday, November 13, 2011
Have I mentioned before I have a jacket problem?  I think I have... but it never hurts to repeat important things.

I have a jacket problem. 

As in, I have too many of them, but just can't stop.  Seriously, I am one person, and my coat closet it totally crammed.  But they are all so important.  And none is more important than my Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman Jacket...

Okay, fine.  I have two.  You didn't have to be so mean about it.

Let me explain.  I have had my eye on this jacket since I worked at EMS.  It was love at first wear.  But, being that I am relatively cheap (ie, like to get things at a bargain), and it retails for $150, I didn't own one.  I only oogled.  That is, until one fateful day in Portland, OR.  I was on a bit of a Columbia outlet store shopping spree, when I came across this particular jacket on sale for 50% off!  Woo!  But I was Christmas shopping for OTHER people, not me.  So I was going to let it pass on by.  Until I saw a sign indicating that it was marked down even more, to a mere $40.  I'm only human, people.  And that deal is beyond my ability to pass up.  So I snagged it (only it was blue, not purple like the one above), and promptly wore it around Portland, and on the airplane home (and I may or may not have let my apartment temp run a little cool so I had an excuse to wear it while sitting on the couch......).

The other day, while on a bit of a TJ Maxx shopping spree (I don't do that as often as it sounds), I found the purple version you see above, stuffed between some other inferior jackets and hiding from the masses, waiting for me.  And, of course, it was at a great TJ Maxx price.  What's a girl to do??

Yes, I already said I have a problem.

Anyway, I am not opposed to owning two of these jackets because, quite simply, they are wonderful, and double the wonderful never hurt anyone...

Why, you may ask, is the Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman jacket so great?  Well, first of all, the product description on MH's website says it's constructed of Monkey Phur.  How can it not be great?  Aside from that, I love this jacket because it's incredibly soft and warm while being light weight and nifty looking.  The fleece tapers at the cuff so the Monkey Phur doesn't get all up in whatever you're doing with your hands.  It has a convenient zip breast pocket (always a plus in my mind... the best place to put a few dollars and some chap stick while frolicking in any winter wonderland), a feminine cut, and did I mention it's warm?  The fleece also holds up extremely well to abuse without pulling out or pilling. 

It's like getting a giant warm hug from an extremely friendly brightly colored polar bear.

The downside to this jacket, like most fleece jackets, is that it doesn't do so hot in the wind protection department.  It'll keep you warm if it's cold and breezy, but if you're in blustery conditions, you're better off to throw a shell on top to keep all the toasty inside. 

I definitely would recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a cozy addition to their winter outerwear collection.  And don't fret, gentlemen.  The version for guys is called the Monkey Man.  It's still made of Phur though...

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