Saturday, November 5, 2011
Ahhh, falling back.  The one night of the year where you can snag an extra hour sleep or stay up an extra hour late knowing that after 1:59am, the clocks will magically forget to go to 2:00am, and instead flip back an hour to 1:00.  Splendid, that is, unless you happen to be on nights.

Which I am.

Which means that instead of getting an extra hour of sleep, I get an extra hour of work!  Yessssss!  But not only do I get to work an extra hour, I get to do it without our electronic medical record.  You heard me right.  We are falling back in time AND technology.  Yeah, yeah, I know that doctors used to practice medicine with paper, signed orders in blood, and walked to the hospital in snow uphill both ways.  But since those days, all the records have been put onto the computer.  So while we can write orders and document without the EMR, we can't look up old records.  Which is a problem.

AND the fetal monitoring will have to be done with paper.  If something goofy happens on the strip and no one is in the room to watch it, it won't get noticed until someone looks back through the strip.

I'm thinking that if we tell every woman that her labor will be an extra hour longer because of the time change, she'll come back in the morning..........


Anonymous said...

Silly! The poor woman's labor isn't any longer, she just doesn't get credit for all of it!

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