Friday, November 4, 2011
I have a theory... about shoes.  Specifically sneakers (or tennis shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes, whatever it is you want to call them).  My theory goes a little like this:

When I look at my shoes (while I wear them), I only see the toe.  And the laces. 

Therefore, the toe should be interesting.  And worth looking at.

It's a pretty simple theory.  And I keep this in mind when I go shoe shopping.  Sure, a shoe may look snazzy and fun from the size, but it the toe is white and boring, the snazzy side does me no good.  The other day I was out shopping for some new shoes to wear with scrubs.  The ones I have now are a retired pair of running shoes, and they stink.  And after this OB rotation (where they may or may not have gotten doused with various substances in one or more delivery), they will the throw away before leaving the hospital. 

I was looking for something very specific: an inexpensive running shoe (I've found they're the most comfortable for me to wear all day) that was a bright and fun color, with an interesting toe.  If I'm wearing them with scrubs, that means almost certainly on call.  And what better to make call more fun that to wear ridiculously bright shoes? 

So this is what I came home with:

They are super fun to look at.  And comfy. 

And definitely follow the toe rule.


Marion said...

i see you understand my love for my neon green and pink gym shoes, then.

lauren said...

Yes! They need good toes :)

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