Friday, November 18, 2011
Today is the last day of OB.  Tomorrow is the first day of vacation.  10 glorious days of vacaton.  I'm excited. 

Various family members are coming to my house over the next couple days.  And I plan on putting them all to work.  Don't worry, they kind of volunteered.  Knd of...

You see, they have skillz.  Skillz far beyond mine.  My dad has building skillz and wiring skillz and plumbing skillz.  My mom has decorating skillz and ironing skillz, and being creative skillz.  And I happen to have lots of thing on my to do list that I am not equiped to do.  I sent my dad a list of LOTS of possible projects so he could bring proper tools. 

I have big plans.

Be on the lookout for pictures of cool stuff.


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