Thursday, October 20, 2011
After four months (and 4 days) of living in my house, I FINALLY have a room I can show you that's (almost) done.

It figures it's the guest room... the room that gets less regular use than any other.  Oh well, at least I'm making progress somewhere! 

When I last left off, I'd painted the room a nice neutral tan color, and put linens on the bed.  And by bed, I mean air mattress...
Since then, I've done a few things.  
     1)  Put a real mattress in the room.  On a frame.  Talk about an upgrade...
     2)  Moved the bed from the short wall to the tall wall.
     3)  Moved the dresser to the corner
     4)  Added a couple new lamps
     5)  Put some floating shelves up with my black cat collection.
     6)  Put a stool, vase, and rug in the corner... because it was really empty...
     7)  Bought new guest towels and such, and put them in a little chest, because it's cute...
     8)  Hung curtains, which I tried to hem, but left too long.  Whoops.

I still have a few things to do to finish it up...
     1)  Put a picture in the picture frame that doesn't still have the price tag on it...
     2)  Re-hem the curtains (ahem, mom...), or I could just wash them and see how much they shrink.
     3)  Put some sort of nightstand on the other side of the bed.
     4)  Take down the boring light fixture and put up ceiling fan (from my bedroom) (ahem, dad)
     5)  Hang something above the bed/on the short wall... it's a little empty over there.
     6)  Figure out how to get the screw out of one particular switch plate, which I accidentally broke in the paint prep process, and now can't put a new cover on... (ahem, dad, again).
     7)  Sweep.

That's about it!  Definitely making lots of progress, and I've pretty much stalled until the parental reinforcements show up with their respective life skills and share them with me...

So come visit! 

Peace out,


EoE Brewer said...

Wow! That room really looks great now. It's night and day from the Spiderman themed kids room that it was before. Nice work!

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