Saturday, October 15, 2011
I like to be organized... in certain areas of my life.  I like things to have a place.  And, in my opinion, the place for emails is NOT stacked up and lost in an overflowing inbox.  The place for emails is in a folder, or in the trash bin.  I love, love, LOVE when my inbox is cleaned out and everything fits into one screen.  See below.

Don't make fun. 

Now, this doesn't mean that I delete emails.  In fact, I'm an email hoarder.  Once I've read and dealt with a message, I put it in a folder.. or a subfolder.. or a subsubfolder.  But they're out of the inbox, and that's all that matters.

Every once in a while, when open my inbox and get a little panic attack, I have to clean it up.  Which I did this morning.  Resulting in the picture you see above.

And then I'm very very happy.


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