Saturday, October 15, 2011
Let me tell you something about feet.  (And you should listen to me, since I'm a doctor and all...)  They love them a good sock.  And boy do I have a good sock for you.

And by a good sock, I mean the best sock ever.  Unless, of course, you live in a place where you have to wear boots all the time, like Antarctica, or a swamp.  These are short socks for short shoes.  But as far as short socks for short shoes go, these are DEFINITELY the best.

I present to you, the Smartwool PhD Running Micro.
I'll give you the breakdown (since it's got such a long name for a sock)...

Note:  I just thought about turning the name into an acronym, but it became SPRM, which I decided was not a good name for a sock.

Smartwool:  The brand of the sock, and/or a special material specifically for making socks that comes from very intelligent sheep.

PhD:  Ummmmm, maybe they're really intelligent sheep?  Or really intelligent sock makers?

Running:  Great for running... or cycling, hiking, general wearing during the day if you have long enough pants to hide them with your dress shoes, skipping, walking, or snowshoeing.  But that's definitely too long for the name of a sock.

Micro:  This is the best part.  The are nice and short.  But have a little lip on the back so they don't fall off your heel and into your shoe (seriously, how annoying is that!?). 

The Smartwool people have really outdone themselves on this sock.  The snuggle your foot perfectly.  The tops are breathable and thin so as not to take up too much room in the shoe.  The heel and toes have a smidge extra squish to make the repetitive pounding less fatiguing and more comfy.  They have a little extra support across the arch, keeping the squishy areas and the thin areas in place.  The lip on the back keeps the sock up, and prevents blisters on your Achilles better than a box of mole skin ever could. 

They hold their shape, take FOREVER to wear out, are resilient, and come in many a fun color. 

Seriously, if you're the outdoorsy type, exercising type, or just want a good sock, pick a pair of these up.  They are a bit pricey ($10-14 a pair), but honestly totally worth it.  They'll make your feet so happy.

And who doesn't love happy feet.

Disclaimer:  Smartwool did not pay me to write this review.  Nor do they know that I wrote it.  Nor would they care, if they did know.  They're too busy tending to the sheep to read blogs. 


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