Monday, October 10, 2011
Well, today was a very productive day off.  It started by productively sleeping in.  Really, that's important.  Promise.

After a delicious breakfast of leftover... breakfast (for dinner), I made some phone calls and arranged to drop of my cabinet doors to get powder coated.  Yes, it's true, I've bitten the bullet and given up on DIYing this project solo.  It has FAR more to do with motivating myself to do the prep work than the actual painting.  The professionals have blasters and dippers and negative pressure booths and all sorts of stuff I dont have.  So I finally gave in and took the doors in to get done.  Woot. 

Then I grabbed some lunch and went to Home Depot to get more mulch, because I ran out this weekend.  Unfortunately, they were OUT of the mulch I'd used, so I had to pick something that looked similar.  Apparently they don't restock mulch in the fall... because most people don't mulch in the fall... slackers.

I also picked up a mum, some heavy duty trash bags, and rubber gloves (because I may or may not have melted holes through my old ones with paint stripper/thinner...).  Because I can't make it out of a home improvement store with only the things on my list.  Oh, I also got some screws to remount the cabinet doors when the time comes (you know, because I didn't think it'd be cool to put the ones with 7 layers of paint back up).  Shockingly, the screws aren't a particularly standard size, so they only had 24 of the 130 I'll need...

I got home and finished mulching, sweeping, bagging yard trash, and generally fallifying my yard.  Check out Mr. Mumpkin.  Isn't he festive??

I went for a little stroll because it was BEAUTIFUL out, organized my house, took a shower (because the mulch bags were nasty, meaning I was covered in mulch nastiness...), did some dishes, went for a run, ate some more breakfast for dinner... for dinner, and now I've settled in to watch football and/or The Sing Off (I'm just so unpredictable). 

I love days off.

Happy Monday!


PS.  I like to point out words that spell check thinks are wrong.  Mumpkin and fallifying are apparently not official parts of the English language.  Obviously Webster didn't live in a place with seasons.


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