Saturday, April 30, 2011
There are few things quite as satisfying as emptying out an entire pen.  Rarely does this actually happen.  More commonly, I lose a pen before I even have a chance to get through the whole thing.

But for the last two weeks, we've been in lecture all day... without our computers.  And while I'm listening to lecture (yes, I promise I actually am listening), I have to do something else.  Normally, I play minesweeper.  But since we weren't allowed to have computers open, instead I doodled.  And 8 hours of doodling for 5 straight days will burn out any pen.  Including this one:

I got this pen with my information packet when I was interviewing in Portland, OR.  They got bonus points for giving me a sweet pen.  Over the past couple weeks, I used this pen as my exclusive doodling pen.  And then, it does.  It completely ran out of ink.  I even disassembled it to make sure it wasn't just clogged!  Sure 'nough, it was empty.  Dry.  SUCCESS!!!

Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!  I owned that pen. 

I probably should get less joy out of draining a pen of all of it's ink.  But whatev.  It makes me happy.

Very very happy.


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