Tuesday, May 3, 2011
My packing today has been very productive.  If you looked in my apartment, you'd beg to differ.  It looks like a hurricane vomited closet contents and dining room chairs all over the place.  I have lots and lots of boxes (15 or so), but the mess just keeps GROWING!!!  Granted, I've totally emptied out my desk, bedside table, bathroom, and half my closet.  But that's not much comfort when I'm hopping over stuff to get anywhere.

I did make a couple discoveries during my packing today.  First, I've discovered I need to throw away running shoes. 
This is a basket full of shoes.  Seven pairs to be precise.  Seven pairs of old running shoes.  Not current.  Not even one pair back.  These are at least two pairs off current running shoes.  Yes, I do this it's reasonable to keep one, maybe even two.  But seven?  That's overkill.  So five of these seven pairs are heading to good will world.  Two I cannot part with.  Sorry.

And then there's this:
To translate from the fuzzy camera phone picture, this says "My Esbestos Friend".  Yes, I know it's really Asbestos.... but I think we ran out of A's or something.  Let me tell you about this picture friend.  Sometime in college, Sarah and I went up to my parents barn (retreat property) for a little R&R.  I don't remember the details, but I think it involved wanting a project, and stopping at walmart to get foam cutouts and picture frames.  Somewhere along the road, "my bestest friend" turned into "my esbesos friend".  And a picture frame was born.  This doesn't really fit with the planned decor of my new house, but it's totally coming along anyway.  For the memories.  And since Sarah is my asbestos friend, i think she's volunteered to come to my new house and make sure there's no asbestos flooring in my kitchen...

More packing tonight.  Hopefully I'll find the floor soon!!!


Sarah @ The Strength of Faith said...

Dude, I told you to buy a pillow. I can't do EVERYTHING!

Kari said...

I suppose I can totally rethink the design and use the color scheme of the frame... :)

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