Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Graduation weekend is over, and you can officially call me doctor!  Which means the "MD" part of "Human, MD" is actually legitimate! 

Graduation festivities started on Saturday.  But the week before that was super busy (hence no posts), so I'll give you a run down of that too. 

I had to be out of my apartment Sunday (two days ago), which happened to be right smack dab in the middle of graduation weekend.  Since my family would be in town for the weekend, I didn't really want to have to deal with moving stuff out over the weekend.  So the plan was to be totally moved before they got here.  I finished packing for the movers on Monday, and on Tuesday morning, they came and packed all of my belongings (sans a months worth of stuff that I'm hauling around in my car) and trucked them to a storage unit in Atlanta for a month, to be delivered to my new house when I actually own it. 

While the movers packed, Betsy played with Wyatt outside, so he didn't feel unloved.  He was feeling a little panicky.
After the movers left, we promptly jumped in the car and drove to the Outer Banks for some R&R. We LOVE Ocracoke, the southern-most habitable island in the NC Outer Banks. It's remote, not commercialized, accessible only by aircraft and ferry, and has beautiful beaches! We camped at a state campground, cook on a grill, walked the beaches, laid out in the sun (and got sunburned... whoops), went to bed early, woke up early, drank coffee, chatted with other camping people, and in general had an excellent time. Here's proof:

The beach is so pretty.  Note the lack of other people. 

Bananas grilled with butter, brown sugar, and chocolate.  Best dessert ever.

Betsy doing a cartwheel.  What good timing I have.

Man fishing at sunrise/sunset.

Grilling kielbasa and bread.  I liked to turn everything into a sandwich.

We came home from the beach on Thursday, I packed, cleaned and loaded my car all day Friday and Saturday morning, and then my family came into town Saturday afternoon!  My parents drove down, and I picked my sister up from the airport in the afternoon.

There was something graduation-related every day, but the schedule wasn't TOO packed.  Saturday night was a senior banquet.  Sunday was the hooding ceremony (where we get cool doctorate hoods that are long and heavy), and then after that we went to a family friend's house in Lexington for a graduation party.  It was so nice to see my adopted NC family again before heading to residency, and I really appreciated them all coming!  And my friend came home and surprised me (and his family) by showing up at the party!  I was so excited he could make it!!  Thanks to Betty and Darren for hosting the party, and to your whole extended family for coming and celebrating with me!  Bobbie even made me this awesome cake!

Awesome, right? 

Monday was the real commencement ceremony, followed by the distribution of diplomas. 

And then I was a doctor.

There are LOTS of pictures, but they are currently stuck on my dad's and various other people's cameras, so I'll post some of them when I get them! 

It was a wonderful weekend and I was so happy to have my family here to share it with! 

Now I begin a month of homelessness, while I wait to close on my new house.  Until then, I will be hanging in NC for another day, heading to PA for a few weeks, going to my sister's graduation, taking a family vacation to Italy, and then repacking my car and heading to Indiana for residency! 

I hope my car is ready for some serious driving...


Anonymous said...

Now that the "MD" aspect of the title is legit, you can remove/change the subtitle... you're know longer 'in the making'!!! Proud of youuuu :)

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