Tuesday, May 17, 2011
(Preface:  I wasn't sure how to spell palette... so I googled it.  Google told me to spell it this way.  It doesn't look right to me, so if it's wrong, blame Google.)

With graduation a whole 24 hours behind me, and nothing to focus on except the terrors of my first day of internship, I've decided now would be a good time to flash back to an old post, and give you a sneak peak of the walls I'll be blogging within in just under a month.  You may recall this post from March, when I told the world that I'd matched, and introduced you to a pillow.

A very mysterious pillow.

That looks like this:

Well, that pillow was bought (only one of them... in hindsight, I shoulda bought two...) to be the inspiration for the downstairs floor of my soon to be house. 

Which looks like this:
And during senior seminar, when I was (supposed to be) learning all things important for internship, I was also making a mood/idea board for my living room.

Which looks like this:

And THEN, I was at Lowe's buying (more) moving boxes, and picked up some paint swatches, which turned into a full out downstairs color scheme, which looks like this:

That is not my house, btw.  Now, obviously I'm not going to paint all four of these colors in one room.  That would be silly.  They will be variously located throughout the downstairs... but it's hard to make a whole fake downstairs fit in a single image. 

These colors are by no means set in stone.  Until they are on the walls, they can change!  But you get the general idea.  The current plan is as follows:

Kitchen:  Blue walls with white cabinets.
Living room: Beige walls with orange accent wall.
Dining room:  Chocolate brown walls with one beige wall.
Hallways, stairways, etc:  Beige. 

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, it to send me ideas for cool accessories, furnishings, etc to put in my house.  I've already found a nifty purple pendant light for the dining room, I'm working on refinishing a table for the dining room also.  I will need a white buffet/server sort of thing for the kitchen, a rug for the dining room (in addition to a couch...), and some random accessories.  And I like cheap things.  Like good quality on super-sale sort of cheap.  Not fall apart cheap.  Keep that in mind.

Ready.... GO!


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