Saturday, April 9, 2011
Sorry I went MIA again.  I was busy finishing my LAST ROTATION OF MEDICAL SCHOOL EVER!!!

That's right, I am officially done learning things in medical school.  I still have a couple weeks of reviewing to do (during this thing called Senior Seminar), but pretty much whatever I have in my brain now is what I'm going to take with me to intern year.  Dun dun dun...

So since I ate dippy eggs last Tuesday (which, PS, did NOT give me Salmonella), I've been busy.  I spent a few more days in the clinic last week, then went to Williamsburg, VA with a friend for the weekend.  We ate lots of delicious food, painted pottery, met up with some old friends, and generally had a good ole' road-tripping time.  Aside from the part where my car (which literally had an oil change the day we left) ran out of oil about 60 miles from home, resulting in warning lights, funny, smells, dip-sticking, and buying oil at a gas station...  But we fixed the problem, and my car didn't explode.  Phew.

This week was filled with four days of clinic, a couple physical therapy appointments to fit me for orthodics (we've discovered that my lateral ankle doesn't hold it's self together at all... so it needs a little help), lots of drug rep lunches, some donuts, dinner with Betsy, unpacking, and packing. 

Now I'm comfortably nestled into home away from home in Connecticut with Sarah and her family.  Sarah is getting ordained this weekend!!!  It's very exciting.

I've got a few weeks with not much to do, so hopefully I will return to somewhat regular blogging.  Plus, I'll have a gear post to write soon because Bruce (Sarah's hubby) and I are going to REI today!  Which means I will come home with some fun new toy...

Happy Spring!!!


EoE Brewer said...

congrats! You also just reminded me that my REI member coupon expires tomorrow, I've got to do some toy shopping too now.

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