Thursday, April 28, 2011
There is something you should know about me. 

I hate packing.  Loath might be a better description.  I don't know why.  Even when I'm packing for a trip I'm really really really excited about, I still put packing off until the very last minute.  If you and I are facebook friends, you should already know this about me.  The day I'm supposed to be backing, you will see a string of status updates that look something like this:

"I hate packing."
"Ugh, I hate packing."
"Instead of packing, I think I'll clean the bathroom."
"Boooooooo, packing."
"I should be packing, but instead I'll eat ice cream."
"Watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but I should be packing."
"Does someone want to come pack for me?  Because I don't want to."
"My flight leaves in 6 hours.  I should really pack."
"Packed.  3 hours of sleep, and then off to the airport."

And it pretty much always happens like that. 

But, I'm trying to change that.  You see, packing an entire apartment is likely going to take more than 17 minutes.  So, in an attempt to spread the misery over many many days, rather than consolidate it into like three consecutive days of total misery, I'm going to try to pack at least one box a day.  Here's my progress so far:

Not too bad, right?  I think the hard part is going to be figuring out what I want to and can fit in my car to lug around with my nomad self for a month between when my stuff gets picked up from my current abode, and delivered to it's final resting place in my new house.  This is complicated by the fact that the moving company says, "please allow 3-14 days from the day you are first available to accept delivery for your belongings to be delivered".  So, in other words, I will drive to my new home, stay in a hotel for a night, close on my house the next day, move in, and not have anything except the clothes on my back and whatever I have in my car for 3-14 days...  

That means I'll need certain things in my car.  Like my coffee maker, a mug, a pillow and some blankets, a source of light, a roll of toilet paper, a towel, something that is microwaveable, and probably important documents that shouldn't sit in a box in a storage shed in an unknown location for 34-43 days.  Everything else needed I'd have with me anyway (clothes, running shoes, computer, bikes, Wyatt). 

I also need to put in my car things I do not want to entrust the movers with, ie things I cannot replace.  A big platter I just painted, a statue thing from Mexico, a globe from Belize, a bierstein from Germany, a painting from Mexico City, a tapestry from Lesotho, a singing bowl from Thailand, a handblown (handmade?  mouthblown? there's just no good way to say it...) glass pitcher, and some other nifty stuff that, if broken, I can't replace.  

I also have to bring enough clothes to have stuff for a graduation, a trip to Europe, a bunch of bike riding, normal clothes, and some professional clothes, in case my stuff doesn't arrive before I start orientation.  

And I have to be able to fit a cat.  And his stuff.

And me.

See, this is why I'm starting the packing process now.

And by now, I mean right after I finish watching NCIS and eating ice cream... 


Anonymous said...

Oh Kari, this blog entry maketh-ed me laugh. Good luck with the move, I hope I see you soon in the Bend (or the Lanc, or the wherever, really).

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