Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Today I went to Harris Teeter to get a sandwich for lunch.  I fully expected to get my turkey sandwich (which, PS, had a gigantic pile of turkey on it), and a tiny cup of potato salad.  When I got back to the office and opened it up, there was a surprise pickle spear all wrapped up in paper sitting next to my sandwich.


Meal changing. 

I love finding surprise pickles next to deli sandwiches.  Sometimes, they're just sneakily tucked beside a sandwich on a plate.  Sometimes, they're wrapped up in paper at the bottom of the bag. 

Speaking of pickles, have you tried fried pickles?  They are super-delicious... I think they're a southern thing.  You should try them.  But when you fry them, pickles don't really have the same, "hey, I'm a surprise pickle in your lunch, and I'm a healthier alternative to the surprise cookie that you don't need" kind of roll in life.

So maybe I'll just stick with deli paper wrapped surprise pickle spears.

Because they make me so happy.


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