Monday, March 28, 2011
Funny story.  I got some papers in the mail the other day, and these papers required my signature many many times.  This is, in general, not a problem.  I'm pretty competent at signing stuff, even though it looks not so much like my name, and more like a K with a swoosh followed by an S with a swoosh (sorry mom).  Here, I'll show you...
I cut the front half off, assuming it's not a good idea to post one's full signature online.

Unfortunately, they through a knot in my normal signature making...

They wanted me to put an MD after it. 


Signing something is an automatic swish of the hand, no thought required.  You can't change it!  Adding something to it just becomes unnatural.  It's like trying to copy someones signature while looking at an original.  Not that I've ever done that.  But I imagine it would take a lot of thought, and end up looking like you did if after downing a quadruple espresso and some chocolate covered coffee beans. 

So, in an effort to maintain the authenticity (and credibility) of my signature, I left the MD off.  For now. 

But I suppose I'll have to practice, in preparation for July.  And the rest of my life. 


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