Sunday, March 20, 2011
Yesterday I spent all day at the App State bike race in Wilksboro.  After a couple of the guys finished their first race, they went on the hunt for food, and I came along to hunt for a bathroom.  After stopping at Subway, we ran into this car in the parking lot (and by ran into, I mean saw drive by, not actually hit...)

Let's zoom in on the license plate for a closer look...
Okay, so here's my thought.  If you drive an old beat up ford mustang, and you choose to put a decorative license plate frame on your car, especially if this frame has a skull on it, you should make sure that the grammar isn't blatantly poor. 

Faster THEN you???  Really? 

Grammar is a lost art.  At least he used real words, and it doesn't say, "Fastr then U"...


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