Thursday, March 10, 2011
I read this story on CNN this morning, and it made me laugh. 

Clipping In, Falling Off

When I first got a bike with clipless pedals, people (like all the people I talked to...), told me I would fall over at least once.  It's requisite for being clipped in.  Naw, I thought, I'll be fine.  I'll remember to unclip. 

The first time I fell over was at the bottom of a hill at a stop light.  I was more focused on the light (because right after it was an uphill, and I REALLY wanted to carry my momentum from the downhill into the uphill), and didn't pay attention to unclipping as I came to a stop at the red light.  I unclipped one foot, and leaned the other direction.  And fell over.  Into the street.  It was extraordinarily graceful.

Since then, I've told everyone who uses clipless pedals that they will fall at least once.  And they all say, "no, no, I'll be fine".  And then they fall over.

It just happens.  About that time you are comfortable enough to think it's second nature, but before it actually BECOMES second nature.  As far as falling off a bike goes, though, doing it from a virtual standstill is pretty safe.

Here's a fall from a cyclists perspective...

But it's worth it... in the end.


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