Tuesday, April 10, 2012
This weekend it was 70 degrees, I was outside all day trimming trees, building things, and playing in the yard.

Today, it snowed.


Granted, they were just flurries, didn't stick, and the ground didn't even get wet.  But, STILL.  It was cold enough for water to fall frozen, from the sky.  Not acceptable for April.  I'm already in spring mode and that's how I want to stay.  I think it's supposed to warm up by this weekend.  Hopefully this cold snap will break and all falling water from here on out will be melted. 

And since I slacked and didn't post on Sunday or Monday, I will give you a once sentence synopsis of the last two days...

Asphalt shingles wedge in your hands like tiny needles.


Anonymous said...

Haiku? Nearly?

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