Thursday, April 5, 2012
Every once in a while on a call block, we get this beautiful thing called a golden day.  It means you're not on call, and you don't have clinic, so all you have to do is see your patients, go to noon conference, and pretend to be normal.  It's a glorious thing.  Today was a golden day.  And it went a little like this...

530: Wake up.
540: Wake up again.  Take shower.
615: Go to work.
815: Go to breakfast.
1045: Finish seeing patients.
1100: Admit new nursing home patient.
1200: Noon conference.
100: Go home and clean.
200: Drywall man comes to fix hole in ceiling.
300: Nap.
330: Lowes to get paint, wood, grass seed, a shovel, curtains, floor samples, nails, and other stuff.
530: Eat dinner and drink iced coffee.
600: Cut up big fallen branch with saw.
615: Build secret project... well, part of it.
730: Unload dishwasher and clean basement.
800: Learn to use new leaf blower.
900: Book hotel room for Tough Mudder.

And now, it is time to watch HGTV and go to bed.  I lead an exciting life.  But first, a glimpse of my secret project...

Anyone wanna guess what it is??


Anonymous said...

I was going to guess dog door, but it is too big for that. He could remove all your belongings through that. Or invite all his bear friends in to visit. My second guess is a window frame.

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