Saturday, April 7, 2012
I've been trying to slowly give Jake (oh, BTW, I got a dog, in case you didn't know.  His name is Jake.) a little more freedom at night and when I'm out running errands.  So I took a jaunt to Lowe's (like my 5th of the day) and the grocery store, and left Jake out on his own.  I came home to this...

I think he systematically walked through the house picking things up and dropping them in the yard... Let me make it a little clearer...

The red may be hard to read... In this picture is a pair of pants, two books (one mine, one Tina's), a couch cushion, and a shoe.  There is also a dog toy, but that's not unusual.  NOT pictured are a pair of scrub pants, the other shoe, and a Save the Date card.

Needless to say, there won't be any more freedom of the whole house for Jake for a little while.  I think he was trying to exercise his herding skills, but had no live animals so resorted to inanimate household objects. 

And, if you're wondering what this Jake character looks like, here ya go!  This was a picture on Petfinder before I got him.

I spent most of the day outside trimming trees and working more on my secret project...  I have no more pictures, but I can tell you that out of about a million swings of the hammer, I did whack my finger once.  It hurt.  And I also bought a circular saw.  Not one, but TWO people asked me (the check out guy at Lowe's and the Starbucks guy at the drive through window) if I was actually going to use it myself.  For the record, yes. 

Now it's time for ice cream and bed. 

Happy Easter!


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