Monday, July 18, 2011
For those of you not familiar with Young House Love, their Do-It-Yourself awesomeness, and their adorable bald baby, you should check them out.  If you are already familiar with them, you'll know that Sherry, the female half of YHL, loves white ceramic animals.  And, if a ceramic animals happens to not be white, she always has a can of spray paint handy to remedy the situation.

Well, I figured I'd channel my inner Sherry to turn an old keepsake from a bottom shelf bookend to a crisp white accent piece for a console table (I don't have the console table yet... but I'm planning ahead).

This is my elephant.  When my grandma died, we were each allowed to choose one thing from her apartment to keep.  I chose this elephant.  It's occupied various homes over the last 15 years, and finally made itself comfortable propping up some books on my bookshelf.  I decided it needed to come off the bench and take it's rightful place in the starting lineup of home decor (see that soccer reference there?  In honor of world cup soccer...)  So I busted out some white spray paint (which I have tons of given my current kitchen shelf painting project) and gave it a face lift. 

This is circus elephant, before a few coats of white paint.  He looks so happy!

Then he got a few coats of paint.  It definitely took a few because each coat seemed to miss some little crevice.  It took many tries to get his whole trunk painted... tricky little loop.  When it was all done, I left him to dry in my garage-turned-paint-shop (you'll be happy to know I've reclaimed it as an actual garage now).   He looked a little like this. 

He didn't lose his smile.  Phew. 

If you haven't noticed yet, this little circus elephant is hollow.  So not only did I have to paint him, but I had to fill him with something.  I decided to fill him with chocolate.  Really, I decided he always needs to be filled with chocolate.  That way, when I get around to having people over to my house (you know, where there's a place for them to sit, and a place for them to eat...), they will be greeted at the door by circus elephant filled with chocolate. 

As I said above, the console table I plan on eventually sitting him on doesn't yet exist.  And to be honest, it's not super high up on the "things to be purchased" list.. which is extensive.  So for now, he'll wander from place to place.  I stuck him up on the mantle tonight for a picture because everywhere else seemed to have crappy light.

You can see that he's already been stocked full of candy. 

So, I think Sherry would be proud of this ceramic animal rehab.  If you'd like to come see him for yourself, he'll be waiting with candy in hand.  Unfortunately, you'll have to eat your kit-kat on the floor, because I have no functional chairs.

Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.


Anonymous said...

I think he was a vase of flowers when Dad was born. He's cute all white!

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