Wednesday, February 29, 2012
You may be wondering if my momentum from the first two weeks in my new house have continued over the last 8 months of working 60-80 hours a week.  Well, I would say it has slowed but not stopped.  Here are some update pics of the major rooms, move-in day compared to now, and the projects still to go!

Dining room:

Move in day... very yellow.

I'm digging the crooked light fixture

Love the big window.


Still to do: Paint table white, add stuff to walls.

Guest Bedroom:
Slightly after move in day...

Painted, got a bed, added ceiling fan

Curtains, shelves, etc.
Still to do:  Add a headboard, couple things on the wall.

Master Bedroom:

Move in day... empty.
Move in day... note the missing outlet covers.
Today, walls painted, mirror up, new(ish) bedding, cat.
Today: Bedside tables, white ceiling fan.
Today: Stuff on walls, curtains, lots of sunshine (it was nearly 70 today!).
 Still to do:  Paint doors white, flowers in vases.

Living Room:

Move in day: Wooden fireplace, pink/orangy walls, big picture window

Move in day: Kinda tunnel-like, missing outlet cover.

Today: White fireplace, new sectional, coffee table, rug.

Today: Bookshelf, picture window, entryway.

 Still to do:  Fun chair for the corner by the TV, hang mail holder by front door, move around artwork, add mirror over fireplace?, get real flowers to replace fake ones.


Move in day: Green metal cabinets, broken sink hose, old linoleum floors.

Move in day: lots of bisque appliances.
Today: White cabinets, new stove, trash and recycling, new faucet/hose, new hardware, new light fixture, old floors are still there.
Today: Shelf painted white, wine rack, extra counterspace, homemade window treatment, awesome mixer.
Still to do:  FLOORS!!!!  They are in truly terrible shape.  It may or may not have to do with me dropping a heavy metal cabinet door on them from 5 feet in the air... they turn white with water.  They need to go.  Also, replace counters, maybe replace sink, get new(ish) white appliances to replace DW and fridge, maybe add backsplash.

Other projects in the works (or in my head):
Redo full bath
Add beadboard to half bath and repaint
Paint sunroom
Add door to basement with cat door
Restain deck
Redo front landscaping
Paint trim in various places
Paint downstairs hallway/hang art

Progress is being made! 
Peace out,


EoE Brewer said...

Looks great, can't wait to see it in person in a few days!

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