Monday, August 8, 2011
Phew.  It's been a busy week!  I had visitors and a birthday and worked and went out a lot.  The boxes of leftovers kept stacking up in my fridge and I wasn't making a dent in any of them...  Not a bad problem to have I suppose.  Here's some of the happenings of the week:

Sunday night a few fellow inters and I went out for pizza to celebrate the end of rotation #1.  We got two pizzas... two huge pizzas.  They were delicious.

Monday I was on call, admitted a couple people, went to a code, discharged some people, and didn't get home until 9. 

Tuesday Ian was in town so after work we went out to a delicious Greek place for dinner.  We also hit up Best Buy to get me a new wireless router because mine up and died.  Bonus:  My iPad now actually connects to the internet.  Did you know wireless router technology has improved in the last 8 years???

Wednesday was my birthday!  As Courtney told me, I can now round up to 30.  Thanks for that, Court.  After work a group of people went out to a Mexicans place for dinner.  This town really needs to work on their service of large groups... it's been kind of dodgy.  Anyway, we ate and drank and were merry... and were too full for the delicious German chocolate cake my friend brought me!  So sad.  Then we went to see Harry Potter (ahem, all people on call blocks... way to represent), which was excellent, even if it did give me nightmares of being chomped to death by a giant snake. 

Thursday night my dad was in town!  He was on his way to Chicago with a friend, and they stopped by on the way through.  We hit up Best Buy (again, for the second time in a week) to upgrade my TV!  Did you know TV technology has improved in the last 8 years???  I don't have to squint anymore.  It's glorious.  After Best Buy we went to an Irish restaurant for dinner, where I indulged in some sort of cheese and beer appetizer, Guinness stew, and Chimay (Belgian beer).  Yum.  I could eat any one of a number of traditional Irish dishes every day and be happy... mostly because they all involve mashed potatoes.

Friday I was on call again, and managed to sneak out by 8 after being slammed from about noon on.  Hey, if I've gotta be there, I might as well be working and learning something.

I worked this weekend also, although got out at reasonable hours both days.  I did manage to get a page in the middle of a run (yes, I was running with my pager), and booked it home to call the hospital.  Plan: foiled. 

Today I have the day off!  So far, I've slept in past 5:30am, drank coffee out of a breakable mug, ate breakfast on the couch, watched The Today Show, did laundry, went for a run without my pager, and made up my guest bed (which, PS, is still an air matress... but it's got linens on it!

On the docket for the rest of the day:  weeding, mowing, Lowes (maybe buying plants, maybe buying paint, maybe just window shopping), making a real dinner, finishing a couple projects that are half done.

And I'm off!

PS.  Spell check just pointed out that 1) you must capitalize proper nouns, and 2) I enjoy a multicultural dining experience (Mexican, Irish, German, Greek, Belgian, and Italian all in one post...)


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