Saturday, September 8, 2012
And someone IS home!  Apologies for the extended absence; the end of intern year was busy.  And then I just decided to take a break and do other things.  But now I'm back, with what will be random posts about whatever I feel like talking about.
Today that happens to be lights.

About a month ago, I installed some outdoor speakers on my deck.   Because of where the power source is, the speakers ended up being directly above the lights on my deck.

As you can see in this picture, 1) the speakers crowd the lights, and 2)  the lights are old.  Like really really old.  They still work just fine, and I originally was going to just repaint them.  But once the speakers were installed, I decided that I needed lights that hang down rather than point up, to give a little more space between them and the speakers. 

After some online searching, I narrowed it down to a couple options.  I was looking for:
1)  Outdoor lighting (duhhh)
2)  Copper/bronze/ORB finish (not black)
3)  15" size (ish)
4)  Hardwired

Pretty easy criteria to fulfill.  When I actually went to the store to pick them up, one of the styles I liked looked a little chincy.  So I ended up going with this.
It got a smidge complicated from there.  When I took the old ones down, I realized that they didn't leave me a whole lot of slack to connect the wires.  But eventually I got it done (just before dark), and the new lights look way better!

It was getting dark by the time I finished, so I have yet to get a decent picture.  But they look much less cramped next to the speakers, and not nearly as old and run down as the old ones.  And they still give off plenty of light!

And best of all, I didn't electrocute myself while playing with wires...

I'd say it's a win.


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