Sunday, January 8, 2012
After living in North Carolina for 4 years, my winter weather wardrobe was somewhat depleted when I arrived in Indiana.  All fall, I was looking for a pair of winter boots since I was told there' lots-o-snow up here near Lake Michigan.  Pretty much the only specification was something that will keep my feet warm and dry without weighting 47 lbs.  I ended up with the Sorel Suka II
They were put to the test the other day when we got about a foot of snow, which I had to shovel (problem with living on a corner lot... twice as much sidewalk to clear).  They were awesome.  They absolutely kept my feet warm and dry.  They have clasps on the side and there's no lining covering the gap, but once they were all closed up, no snow snuck in (like I was afraid might happen).  I also wore then all over town for two days because it was snowy and slushy, and got a couple complements on them. 

They are super comfy, easily fit my jeans when I tucked them in, and are a cinch to get in and out of.  I knew from the start that I wanted Sorel's (high quality, great durability, really warm).  From what I've heard, pretty much any boot of theirs will do the job, but I thought these were kind of unique and interesting, without sacrificing function!  And boy to I love function...

Now all I need to do is buy a pair of snow shoes to strap onto them so I can walk to work when it snows!


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