Sunday, December 11, 2011
I was out putting up lights this afternoon.  Last night I'd put a wreath up on the front door, but it was a little high and kind of hidden behind the screen part of the storm door.  I planned on trying to move it to the front of the house where I was putting lights... if my ladder was tall enough.

While I was putting up some lights, I got a good look at how the storm door was attached...  Apparently with lots of screws.  Huh.  Doesn't seem to hard to get rid of...

Lets revisit what my house looks like (in the spring...)

I've always wanted to paint the storm door because it stands out way more than a storm door should.  You can't even tell there's a door behind it!  So, when I saw how it was attached, I figured it couldn't be THAT hard to take down....

More than 20 screws later, after almost tearing the hinge off the door frame (whoops, forgot those screws), the door was down.  Apparently, the door and trim used to be painted brown.  I've got a little touching up to do.  But overall, I'm THRILLED with how much it opens up the front of the house.  It'll got back up in the spring (when I want to keep the front door open), but for now the front of my house is awkward-white free!

Check out the results...

I know it's kinda dark... tis the season.  I should have turned the porch light on!  When it warms up later this week, I'll putt out some sandpaper and paint and touch up the places that are brown now... it'll be good as new :)


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